immortal occoult

Thers a secret dimention full of witches called Neucoven, humans arnt supposed to find out about them , but when young ella gets drawn into wicca she descovers the secret dimention full of witches she finds a portal leading their. then she falls on love with a boy their. the witches are threathed by her and the punishment is death. until the witches discover a way for her to be with her true love , but she has to let go of alll her friends amd family


7. witch

Ella only got a hours sleep. When she woke up all her hair was tangled in big white knots. She rememberd she has school today and she was running late. She quickly jumped out of her bed and got dressed. She wore a ahort blue dress with small black heels. she tied her hair up in a long ponytail grabbed her bag and hedded for school.

As she walked into school , she realised her gang was waiting for her in the school parking lot. They were all mezmorised by something but Ella could not quite see what it was. As she walked over she spotted the thing they were all mezmorised by, it was a boy, she  never seen him before.

As she stood by bunny the boy started walking up to Ella, as he got closer Ella realised their was something odd about him, she could sense his energy bouncing around his body. He had dark black spiky hair, georgious sparkly blue eyes. and such perfect lips. "hello, im Ash. I was hoping you would show me around the school" Ella forgot to speak for a moment "yes of corse , and by the way , im Ella"

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