immortal occoult

Thers a secret dimention full of witches called Neucoven, humans arnt supposed to find out about them , but when young ella gets drawn into wicca she descovers the secret dimention full of witches she finds a portal leading their. then she falls on love with a boy their. the witches are threathed by her and the punishment is death. until the witches discover a way for her to be with her true love , but she has to let go of alll her friends amd family


9. neucoven

Later on that day while Ella was reading up on wicca she heard someone calling her name from outside her window. She creeped downstairs and went out into the porch. The night was cold, the moon was 55% full , but bright. all the starts were twinkling in the night sky. It was Ash, he had a lot of explaining to do.

"Ash, hey" Ella opend the door and nooded at him so he could come in." hey i have some explaining to do" Ella nooded and they both heded up for her bedroom.

"First i know your probelly thinking how i know where you live, well bunny told me, and your probelly wondering about neucoven , so ask away, il answer anything i know" Ella noded and sat next to him, "are you gonna get in troubke for telling me this?" Ash noded at her. "What is the punishment?" Ash looked down on his hand with crosses eyebrows, he seems to do that alot. "Death" Ella got up and walked around her room, not beliving what she just heard. Ash took that time to look around her room, she had pretty velvet curtains, a window seat, Ash had always wanted one of those. She had a big wardrobe by the door, and a 24inch mirror on the wall next to her bed."what exacly is neucoven?" Asked Ella as she walked over and sat by Ash once again and looked up at him waiting for his responce, "Well its a secret dimention, its full of witches, both male and female." Ella was playing with her fingers, she could feel she was starting to blush, but something about Ash made her nervous. "How do you get to neucoven?" Ash took out a small piece of paper which he started to unfold.  " Well you get their through a portal, and you find the portals where two lay lines cross each other, here i brought you this map of lay lines, where you see two crossing , thats where you can find a portal. And all you have to do is stand in the middle of that place and just wish you could go to neucoven and poof! your their" Ash handed Ella the map. And he heded for the door "Your leaving so early ?" As turned to her again "Yeah i have to go to neucoven to sort things out" Ella got worried, "But what if they will try to kill you ?" Ash gave her what looked like a moonstone "If it turns red i need help". And after that he just dissapeared again, in thin air.

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