immortal occoult

Thers a secret dimention full of witches called Neucoven, humans arnt supposed to find out about them , but when young ella gets drawn into wicca she descovers the secret dimention full of witches she finds a portal leading their. then she falls on love with a boy their. the witches are threathed by her and the punishment is death. until the witches discover a way for her to be with her true love , but she has to let go of alll her friends amd family


4. class

"So remember everything we learnt about wicca as tommorow first thing i want a essay on it" the class moaned just as the bell rang and the class came rushing out in a crowd like a mass murduror just broke in through the window. After the whole class rushed out Ella got a couple of hi`s and how are you and you alright. But she done it , through out the whole school day she kept up a smile and must have said about 20 , im fine thank you. But  now people dont see her as the georgious and popular Ella no ! its the sad Ella who lost both of her parents. But something inside of Ella just wanted to cry out "no im not alright!" she couldnt stand another minute surrounded by a crowd , so she decided to pay a visit to her parents.

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