immortal occoult

Thers a secret dimention full of witches called Neucoven, humans arnt supposed to find out about them , but when young ella gets drawn into wicca she descovers the secret dimention full of witches she finds a portal leading their. then she falls on love with a boy their. the witches are threathed by her and the punishment is death. until the witches discover a way for her to be with her true love , but she has to let go of alll her friends amd family


8. accidental information

As Ella and Ash were walking to the feild to have their lunch Ella tripped and all her books came out, even her wiccan books. Ash bend down to help her, he saw her pentogram necless picked it up and asked her "Are you wiccan by anychance" Ella was still picking up her books, she nooded and said quietly "yes". As Ella got up and put her bag over her shulders Ash said to her "Im wiccan too". As they heded off to the field they staerted talking about wicca.

As they enterd the field Ella notised it smeled of freshly cut grass. They sat on the table in the middle of the field. Around them Ella could see daises and other flowers she cant remember the names of. "So i guess youve been to neucoven?" Ash quescioned Ella "um no ive never heard of it, sorry". ash corssed his eyebrows and looked down at his tuna fish sandwidge he didnt feel like eating anymore. "Really? i though every witch knew about it! well neucoven is a nother dumention, its full of witches like me and you, but humans dont know about it, theirs portals to get their but humans dont know ehere they are" As Ash finished saying that he pushed his tuna fish sandwidge away and started to sip his diet coke. "Whar are you talking bout Ash. I am human, and so are you" Ash pulled his coke down and looked at her in a worry, "You mean your not a witch? oh boy am i in trouble" Ella was just getting more confused, "what-" Ash cut her off by saying "i will explain everything later" And then he just dissapeared in thin air.


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