Diagnosis: Lovesick

Jeps - dette er en historie jeg er ved at skrive. Den er på engelsk, da jeg synes det lyder bedre at drengene fra One Direction snakker engelsk frem for dansk.

Den handler om pigen Millie og Louis fra One Direction.

Some of it is borrowed from http://fanfictionandotherstories.tumblr.com/IHY


1. For my own good?


Diagnosis: lovesick

NB! I've borrowed some of the story from a fan fiction about Larry Stylinson.

“Fuck off Louis!” Millie stormed through the flat, face red with anger and nostrils flaring.

“God dammit, Millie! There’s fucking paparazzi outside, will you lower your voice?” Louis threw down his bag and rubbed his eyes.

“Fuck the paparazzi! I can’t handle this anymore! I’m going insane! Let them know that I’m the one you’re dating! Let the whole FUCKING world know that I LOVE you and that I don’t care if I drown in paparazzies!”

Louis put his hands on her shoulders: “I still don’t want them to know about you, yet”

Millie’s hand lashed out and smacked the back of her hand hard against Louis’ strong cheek. A loud crack sounded through the apartment and the boy stumbled back, cradling his face.

“You say that you want to protect me, but all you do is to keep hurting me!” Tears started to run down her cheeks. Louis straightened up, finally getting the point.

“Babe, hurting you is the last thing I would ever do. I am so sorry..!” he looked at Millie with his eyebrows raised, waiting for her reaction.

“It’s just like you don’t want to be seen with me, because you’re embarrassed about me or something..” Millie sobbed, regretted that she’d slapped Louis, but it seemed like it worked – Louis were listening now.. He moved closer to her putting his hand on each side of her face.

“Now, that’s the last thing I would be.” Louis bended his knees so he could look Millie directly into her eyes.

She seethed, stepping close to Louis, breathing on his face as her grey eyes glared into Louis’ blue ones.

Neither was sure who moved first. In the next moment they were gripping each other, mouths crashed together. Louis’s hands buried themselves deeply in Millies’s soft hair while she grasped at his slim waist, pulling their bodies together.

Millie’s hands tugged Louis’s t-shirt over his head before he helped her unbutton and removing her shirt , their bodies magnetized together again as soon as their chests were free. Their bare skin created friction in the tense air, making it explode with feeling. Their skin burned so hot, it was as if the room around them was in flames, licking at their sensitive skin. But the only thing licking were their hot, wet tongues, sucking on every available morsel of flesh they could reach. 

Louis gripped the back of Millie’s thighs and hoisted her around his waist, spinning them around so the girl was supported by the wall. 

“I’m so sorry, Millie,” Louis growled in her ear as he sucked on her collarbone. A moan escaped from her throat as Louis rolled his hips into her, the friction on his hardening erection becoming too much. She grasped at the boy’s hair, mouth open and eyes closed.

“I-it’s okay, Lou” Millie wispered back. Louis pulled away from the wall, arms under Millie’s thighs, and threw her onto their large couch. His long fingers deftly undid her trousers and slid them down. 

Louis’s chest heaved up and down with exersion, and he removed his own trousers. Their bodies collided, falling and stumbling to the couch, mouths searching.

“Will you please forgive me? I’m not trying to hide you of any other reason, than for your protection” he almost whispered.

“I want to, Lou” Millie pulled away to look him in his eyes. “I just want to be sure,” Louis kept looking from her eyes down to her mouth, and up to her eyes again. Millie laid her head on Louis’ chest, with one hand holding one of Louis’. Louis led his free hand up to the girl’s head and stroke her hair away from her eyes. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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