"She takes the heads of the undead."

For fans of manga epics, the KILL BILL movies, and old-school adventure stories.

After Oyomi's entire family is slaughtered by Lord Toyogomi, a powerful Vampire Lord, she is brought up in an abandoned temple by a ghostly woman-ninja and taught swordsmanship by the Shakuhachi playing son of the King of Hell. When she is old enough and well-trained enough in the Way of the Sword, she sets out to kill both Lord Toyogomi and his jeering, sadistic hunchback sidekick Shuzo. But first she must cut through the many other sword-wielding Vampires standing in the way of her singleminded quest for bloody vengeance . . .

The Samurai Vampire Scrolls: Scroll 1

(Translated from the Japanese by A. G. Hardy)


10. Author's Note

My Dear Esteemed Reader,

I hope you have enjoyed the foregoing excerpt from Scroll 1 The Samurai Vampire Scrolls, at least as much as I enjoyed translating it from old Japanese. If you like the story and would like to see more, please consider reviewing it on Amazon, where it is a Kindle e-book. Your words may encourage me to work faster on translating Scroll 2, which I promise you is even more amazing, violent, mysterious and action packed!

- Sincerely Yours, A. G. Hardy


Scroll 2 begins in the following chapter:

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