Thoughts of a Dying Man

A man. A hospital. A life slipping away.
A collection of thoughts from a dying man.


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My eyes drift as they always do to the door of my room.. From here, I am well placed to see all sorts of people. I see children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Some come here to visit loved ones, some come here for themselves. I am here because I do not have long left. The doctors have told me that it may not be as I fear, but their eyes betray them, they tell me of lost hope and their words being a waste of time. I am dying of cancer. It has spread to my lungs, brain and kidneys from the original throat. I cannot truly say that I'm not scared of dying - everybody is - but I know that I have lived a long, fruitful life and that it would have to come to an end sometime. Yes, when he comes for me, I will greet Death with open arms. 

As I write this down, a small child of about six years old comes to stand in the doorframe. I have never seen this child before, he has hair in the style of a 'bowl-cut' as it is called these days and bright hazel eyes. He looks rather puzzled yet contented at the same time. He is holding a small bouquet of hand picked flowers.

"Hello, what's your name?" my voice is rather hoarse, but he understands me all the same.  

"I am Billy and I am seven years old. What's your name mister?" he spoke with a voice which was high pitched and he had a slight lisp when he spoke.

I reply "Billy, eh? That's a fine name," he nods in agreement "I am Joseph and I am eighty years old."  he gazes at me in astonishment as I wonder where his parent or carer is.

"Eighty years old! That's amazing! So what was your favourite dinosaur?" it takes me a while to understand what he means with the last remark, but when I get there I let out a hearty chuckle. The first time I have done so in a while.

"Dinosaurs? My dear boy, I wasn't alive when the dinosaurs were, but I imagine they were fierce animals. I think that my favourite would have been the mighty T-rex. Yes, with its massive teeth and long legs- I think it would have been quite the predator." At the first piece of dialect he blushes slightly, probably embarrassed he has got me confused with a dinosaur, but his eyes light up when I say that my favourite dinosaur would have been the T-rex.

"That's a great choice, mister!" as he says this, a woman wearing a business suit approaches the door. "I like the Pterodactyl the bestest. Did you know, it was like the first bird but it didn't have any feathers!" it appeared to me that this was his strong point. All children have a strong point, as I call them. You know, something they're so interested in they can memorize nearly everything to do with that subject. For me, it had been trains. Up until the age of about thirteen I was fascinated with trains; what they looked like, how  they worked... even who had designed them. 

By this point, the woman has reached the door. 

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