Thoughts of a Dying Man

A man. A hospital. A life slipping away.
A collection of thoughts from a dying man.


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I lie in my hospital bed. I'm in a pale coloured room on my own. The colour of the room represents many things. White - the colour of a fresh start, a new beginning. White - the colour of death, a soul moving on to another world. The hospital smells of many things. Often contradicting things. If you're just sat there, you can notice all of these things. The hospital smells of life and of death, smells of hope and of despair. I see many people go past every day; each person thinking of different things. Some think of the lives that they will never see again, some silently praise their lords; thankful that they can remain with their loved ones for just a little bit longer. 

As I lie here, slowly dying, I remember all the things in my life that I have been thankful for; all the things that I wish I could go back and change. If I were to give advice to a young person - be it a man or a woman - it would be this "You only live once, grab all opportunities that come your way with high spirits, live like there's no tomorrow and regret nothing." In today's world, many of the sentiments in the last turn of phrase are considered cliches; yet the reason they are considered so is because they are true. They have been used so many times, in so many different situations because they are applicable to almost everything. 

I am Joseph Evans, I am eighty years old, and these are my last thoughts. 

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