jane realises after a year that the boy shes in love with is her best friend. but hes so secretive all the time, and all jane wants to do is to find out his secret.


2. Death

Dear Diary

sometings bad gonna happen!!

no wait, i dont know why i wrote that its crazy! Like today i went over to my nanas house and expect her to be rushing downstairs with my parents greeting me with a big hug! But their dead! all of them! my whole family. When ever i think of that its like this big emptyness inside of my trying to swallow me whole. I cant breath, i miss them so much. You knowm some times i blaim my self for their death. Sam says its stupid to think so and i do agree sometimes but right now it seems like the clearist thing. It like im at cross roads, and all the paths are gloomy and foggy, then theirs this ine, the one where i blame my self for my familys death, and its all clear not sunny, but theirs no fog their. Does that mean i did kill them?

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