1. Relationships

Relationships represent the commingling of hearts, souls and minds.

And they are of many kinds.

Most meticulous mortals say,

And several self-help books convey,

That Love & Compromise; Fidelity & Friendship,

Are the essential elements of a healthy relationship.

If we all know this, Then in a relationship, why can’t we ever enjoy, lasting bliss?  


Well it is my judgment firm,

That ‘Love’ is the world’s most misused term.

And will it come as a surprise,

If I say, that most of us, hate to make a ‘Compromise’?

And Lo!! We almost forgot Aunt ‘Fidelity’!

To hell with her!! After all there is such, such a wide variety!

All creatures crave for companionship,

But Mean Madame Ego famously feeds on fine friendship.

Human nature is unpredictable,

It is complex and often changeable.

To a mortal, the mantra for a good ‘relationship’ has always been a mystery,

And the biggest proof of this is Monsieur History.

Well that’s a good explanation, But it doesn’t resolve the situation.

Dear God, give us a solution, It’s the plea of the entire human population.  

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