Carnelian Network: Big Sister's Lament

This is a Carnelian Network (My new series!) story, with William in it a few chapters in. This time its about Hannah and the loss of her brother. She learns a few lessons in love as she tries to avenge her brothers apparent death. Will she be able to keep her vow when William has news that threatens to break her heart? Read and see! :)


1. The Strange Man


2004   It was a cold, dark December night. Snow was falling rapidly. There was not a peep out of the other houses on our estate. London had gone slightly mad around that Christmas. Mass terrorists leaving all blood drained from bodies and all that. That night, the Twenty-Third of December, was the worst of my life.

  I heard muffled cries coming from my brother Jason’s room. I ran into his bedroom, thinking he was having a nightmare and hoping to comfort him. His room looked normal at first sight.

“Jason?” I whispered questioningly

.   Then I saw it. In his bed was a big, scary man. His figure was blurry as I was tired. He was biting Jason, who moaned helplessly under the covers. I ran at the big man, preparing to beat the crap out of him. Hey, I didn’t know any better. I was only seven and in shock.

  I lept up onto the bed like a cat, my fist connecting to  his temple. He turned towards me, unhurt, with a chuckle. His brown hair was wild and messy. His eyes were black and bottomless. His lips were dripping blood. He had looks that would have you begging for mercy. In that instant I knew what he was. He was a vampire. He was drinking my five year old brothers blood. I felt sick. It was only then that I screamed.

  I was too late. The vampire took off with my brother, and that was the last I ever saw of either of them.

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