Crazy Klara

This is our entry for the diary contest! Klara, 13 years old, is looking for an inspiration for her book when she's got run over by a car and goes to the hospital. Her best friend, Emma and a strange guy are going to support her morally. And finally, thanks to all, Klara will leave hospital.


2. Thursday 5th April 2012

Yesterday, like I told you, Emma and Dad came. Emma was so sweet but I hate the tought that I depend on someone. I've always been independant. Dad does not have to run after me. He's not Mom. They came one at the time and they told me what's happening outside this disgusting building! The hospital: I hate it's name, I hate it's colour. I hate it.

Then this morning two strangers came in. Emily said that they were in the big black car who ran over me. There was a man, maybe he was 40 years old with black moustache, a black jacket and blue jeans. I hated him from the first moment I saw him: he nearly killed me! Then there was a boy of my age, I think, who was pretty good looking: he had black hair, brown eyes, a white t-shirt and grey jeans. They were so sorry but I didn't even looked at them. I just couldn't.  Well, you almost ruined my life and I should forgive you? No, never! Emily told me that I could have been paraplegic. Could you immagine, diary? Paraplegic! In a weelchair!!! I love running, jumping...for me freedom is running, it's being able to move at will! I could never think of myself not walking! Emily told me also to forgive them: it isn't totally their fault. It's also mine! Mine! I only crossed the road! Anyway, I will never even look at them for the rest of my life: they could have taken from me one of the best things I have. Freedom.

I haven't got much: a little flat, a dad, a best friend and...freedom. Do not take from me this last thing! 

Well, see you tomorrow.

Your unfortunate


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