Crazy Klara

This is our entry for the diary contest! Klara, 13 years old, is looking for an inspiration for her book when she's got run over by a car and goes to the hospital. Her best friend, Emma and a strange guy are going to support her morally. And finally, thanks to all, Klara will leave hospital.


3. Friday 6th April 2012


Today I am, like you can imagine (or maybe you can't?), in bed. I hate this place! I am in a white small room with my white bed, a white beside table with white flowers on it and a small window. It looks like the room where Mom died. I remember coming here, in this hospital, every day. Her room was number 14. We talked a lot, but some days we just looked out of the window. She became every second more and more paler. It was the saddest period of my life. Then, when Dad told me she wasn't in our world anymore I didn't spoke for a month or two. Oh... this is so hard to write.  

Wait... Someone is knocking at my door: it isn't the hour for visits! Catch you later!   


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