Crazy Klara

This is our entry for the diary contest! Klara, 13 years old, is looking for an inspiration for her book when she's got run over by a car and goes to the hospital. Her best friend, Emma and a strange guy are going to support her morally. And finally, thanks to all, Klara will leave hospital.


1. Wednesday 4th April 2012

Dear Diary,

I opened my eyes.

I was in hospital.  I, Klara Johnson, was in hospital. I promised myself to never put a foot here since Mother died. She died of cancer in this precise place when I was eight.   When I woke up the only thing I could do was scream. So I screamed to all the white things that surrounded me: "What am I doing here?!". A nurse immediately arrived, she calmed me and she began explaining what had happened to me. I only heard a few words: " fainted...and now you're here safe and sound!". She added these last words with a big smile. And that's the moment I began to recall: yesterday I has having a walk and thinking about my new story (I love to write stories!), when I crossed the road. A honk, a big black car and then the dark. Seems like I really had an accident! Nothing's wrong with me: I only broke my leg and risked to die! Everything's fine! I will stay in hospital for a week. Can you immagine, diary? A week without seeing Jim! Jim is the boy at school I secretly have a crush on (but do not tell anyone!). Why am I writing to you? Well, the nurse (Emily) told me that to let the time pass, I could use you as a friend. But my real friend (no offense!) is going to come with my Dad this afternoon. Her name is Emma, she's a year older than me and she's the only one who knows about Jim.

I can hear Mom's voice in my head, now that I'm close to her more than ever. She's telling me to calm down and try to sleep.

Well, I guess I should say: "See you!"


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