Mika a tale to be told

Mika, Elena's daughter has been growing up and is now 11 years old.
but when Angel Wren comes to town she has to make the choice would she betray her mother for her love of Wren? or will she make peace between the two species?


4. peace among kitsunes and angels

Wren and Elena growled at the killer, Mika laid on the floor dead for sure as the clock struck midnight Mikas birthday they ran in to banish the Yoki who intruded their lives and ripped it apart.


Mika stired realising she was not dead she jumped up into the air and a pair of huge black wings streatched from her back and a foxes tail thrashed about and fox ears listened out.The fight stopped they looked in amazment but Mika said calmly "I'm now a kitngel thts half of both of you!"


When the light faded peace was restored between kitsunes and angels now a link between them was born.


Elena and wren said "Mika,a tale to be told."

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