Mika a tale to be told

Mika, Elena's daughter has been growing up and is now 11 years old.
but when Angel Wren comes to town she has to make the choice would she betray her mother for her love of Wren? or will she make peace between the two species?


1. Cry me a river

Mika woke up her birthday was just three weeks away then she would be twelve free from the academy she was adending!

She got out of bed and dressed herself in normal clothes today was Saturday at least.Mika stepped out of te door and bumped into the new student, Wren he ushred her into his dorm and grinned he spread out two great black feathery wings to show off to Mika who gasped and almost fainted!


Mika had been in love with Wren for some time now and he wanted to discus something "Mika I want you to become an angel and be with me forever!" Wren said quietly nkowing that her her mother  was a kitsune was the hardest thing.


Mika smiled and nodded very very quickley but forgeting the fact only yesterday had she said she would become a kitsune....

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