In God's Will

What would you do?your best friend is hiding a secret and your father coming out of a near death expirance!

Elena has to make the choice of her life to save her dads family or save her friends......


3. Old timer kitsunes are EVIL!

Elena grabbed hold of the window ledge ust seconds ago she was scared now she was petrified! Her dad was still in a place where he's not quite dead and there was an old yet young looking kitsune trying to destroy her and her best friends family!


Swinging up her legs she tumbled back into the room and picked her self up.

"Hey you idiot thats you get your kitsune but over here so I can beat the hell out of you!"

The old kitsune grinned and in seconds there was the thud of a body hitting the floor...Elena was losing blood and life badley but making a choice to save both familys she grabbed the jaw of this just plain stupid and pompus kitsune she cried "Old timer kitsunes are EVIL!!" and janked down feeling his jaw give way......

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