Just Leave Me Alone

This Poem was written whilst my Phone was ringing none stop, from people wanting help about the smallst of problems


1. Just Leave Me Alone


Just leave me alone, I'm all on my own

I can't take any more of your pain

These never ending thoughts are driving me insane

Getting everyone's problems through text

One after another, then it's just next after next

It's like I'm standing alone in a field

I'm being bombarded with no weapon to wield

So sick of my never ending text tone

Guess life would be simpler if I could run away like Freddy flinstone

 But I'll stay and we'll chat

Forcing myself to be more flexible, might as become an acrobat

Now, I'm not writing this as a complaint

It's just because I'm scared my words will become taint

They'll become poison, and I'll just blurt

My words will kick you down to the dirt

So be alert,

My words can be dry and wicked, make you feel like your in a desert

So, just leave me alone with nothing but friends

And hope that your depression is only a trend

And hope your emotions don't blend

So we can amend

And we can stop to pretend

And begin to defend

The descend

Which is all I recommend

I'll see you this weekend

Good night, thank you, the end

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