My Anthology

Just trying to extend my work and try something a bit unique.


1. My Anthology


This is my anthology

a collection of my apology

you cant stop my rhymes cause' there a part of my cardiology

you can see them beating inside of me if you looked at my radiology

if i slit my wrist words would pour out, im a revolution to pathology

my brain is teaming, beaming and dreaming. have these words replaced me in neurology

cause' i dont know why i'm writing this, dont even care if you ackonwledge me

got music in my roots, is this apart of my biology

or is it a gift from above, something to do with my astrology

last time i checked we had freedom to speak, so those arseholes better go take a class in criminology

it seems now that freedom has become apart of lifes mythology

the path behind me is behind me, and the path ahead of me is ahead of me. it's why i dont waste my time with digging up old archeology

this isn't a praise so don't think this as a doxology

our praise determeined by our geology

being plagued by medias morphology

cause' i can't understand this political terminology

my words are all natural so let me preach pomology

and let you look at my antholgoy

its a collection of my apology

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