Positive Relations

This is the first installment in series of poems, really just based around whatever comes to mind.


1. Positive Relations


we began at the start and ignored the end.

you started as a stranger then became a friend.

i would watch you for days,

get lost in your gaze.

in the night i'd let my mind wonder,

in my dreams i was on top, and you were down under.

all of a sudden outside that room with the book

i saw you, and i was sure with one look

i asked a question and you shyly replied

i kept my cool but was extactic inside

we hit a wall,

i dated her

and you dated paul

in a couple of months we we're back on track

stuck with a grin, cause i'd got you back

you needed time to think and that was ok

the only problem was i couldn't keep myself away

we had our ups and we had our downs,

needed one made a sound

played with each others emotions like a merry go round

now we're all good, sorta

love rekindle, when we swam in the water

sorry that i've been a dick i just became sick of it.

but i love you that's what matters

i can see now if you leave my world shatters

so i'm sorry for being different and i thank you for you patience

now that im all good we can go back to positve relations.

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