It's the 90's and everything from Tamagotchis and Pokemon cards is in, Jules and Nathanial meet when they're just 15 but something has drawn them to each other for a while, Nathanial is an old soul longing to capture the vibrance of youth and excitement that emanates from his peers, but his parents have bred in him a cautious nature and he never quite knows what to say or how to act, he is never, ever spontaneous. Jules is quiet and reserved in school, intimidated by the academics and with no urge to change herself or how she looks to impress the other girls, she's always gotten on with boys anyway, they're simpler, or were, before testosterone fuelled displays of masculinity started cropping up. In the UK, 15 is the age you start testing your boundaries, how far you can go without getting into big trouble, how much you want from life, whether your parents are overprotective or looking out for your best interests - whether true love and soulmates are just a fallacy.


3. Nathaniel II

I walk round school in a daze, listening to metre after metre of innocuous prattle, who likes who, what who wore on the weekend. Irrelevant. Childish. Normal.


Are normal and mediocre the same thing? I don't think so.. I'm definitely mediocre, no defining features, brown hair, brown eyes. Middle sets, no musical talent to speak of, far to gangling to manage the hand-eye coordination of the sportier set. Nathaniel Green, written off as utterly average after only 15 years. It's really quite depressing, this sort of thing is meant to be inspiration for songs, if I had some musical talent to speak of.


We're doing Shakespeare in English, Romeo and Juliet. I've always felt more sorry for Paris, the foolish one, chasing after unrequited love, even when his love is believed dead. She doesn't even acknowledge his body on the floor, he is nothing. All that Romeo and Juliet teaches is that love is cruel and destructive, selfish. I promise never to be this, to let this happen to me. But I know it won't anyway, I'm far too mediocre. There is no room for love in monochrome. Do Zebra's fall in love? Wolves? No, I didn't think so.


Bus stop. 3 boys in the year below tossing something around, "bantering", whatever they're doing must just be the latest fad. Probably another Argos piece of rubbish, some new gameboy game. Irrelevant. Childish. Normal. I'm too old for that now, too old to pretend to be interested in pixels just become they're some new advancement in pointless technology. I'd rather my parents got me some good paper for my birthday. Not for painting, obviously that's not a talent I have either. But just writing, not like a girl in ridiculous teen movies where all the most intimate thoughts are scrawled in a garish pink notebook. But stories, imaginations, escapes. 


Juliet. She's the only person I know who seems as bored as life as I am, well maybe not bored, run-down. Not in a romantic  can't live any longer way like her namesake. Just, she doesn't attempt to fit in either, seems impassive to the giggling and gossiping of our classmates. Blue eyes, like the sea, but not bournemouth, Azure. One curl hangs down over her eye, like a corkscrew, like a pigs tail - but something more intelligent and romantic. Like I said, I'm not the romantic type, I don't believe in earth-shattering love or soulmates. But if I did.... I should really get to know her better.

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