It's the 90's and everything from Tamagotchis and Pokemon cards is in, Jules and Nathanial meet when they're just 15 but something has drawn them to each other for a while, Nathanial is an old soul longing to capture the vibrance of youth and excitement that emanates from his peers, but his parents have bred in him a cautious nature and he never quite knows what to say or how to act, he is never, ever spontaneous. Jules is quiet and reserved in school, intimidated by the academics and with no urge to change herself or how she looks to impress the other girls, she's always gotten on with boys anyway, they're simpler, or were, before testosterone fuelled displays of masculinity started cropping up. In the UK, 15 is the age you start testing your boundaries, how far you can go without getting into big trouble, how much you want from life, whether your parents are overprotective or looking out for your best interests - whether true love and soulmates are just a fallacy.


6. Juliet III

School.School.School. Weekend.

No more frog dissections or book reports, I cannot wait. 3 more days, 2 days of freedom and back again.


We're studying Romeo and Juliet in english, so apparently it's the natural choice for the end of year play. Apparently the English Department think we're all mature enough to properly convey the emotional tragedy of the piece. Please, complex family factionalism and true love are not things really comparable to contemporary bournemouth. Most of our classmates, the closest they've come to a significant relationship is a quick kiss or fondle behind the bike sheds. Not exactly a great love,  fate working against star-crossed lovers. But then, they only knew each other for a weekend, and they were only very young, probably only about 15. Dad even roused himself when I told him, she is my namesake after all.


Would you name your child after someone that dies for love? Very romantic and moving of course, but not the life I'd want for my child for sure! Given it's the most excited he's been about something in weeks, and the most interest he's shown in my floundering through academia I'm basically forced to audition. Good old emotional blackmail, thanks Dad.  He also reminded me that getting involved in things is a good way to make friends, the hypocrisy smarts a bit, but I suppose being interested in Shakespeare probably means you're in the proportion of the study body that might actually be engaged in deeper pursuits than trying to prove to your parents that you're a "grown up", while frittering away your pocket money on mcdonalds and your time on your gameboy, while eagerly anticipating the release of the game boy colour or some such exciting new development in the gaming industry. Grown up.


I try my lines out on Agnes, but it seems like the bright colours of the shopping channels are of more interest to her than "for never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo". So low culture, I told you Agnes was dim. Although maybe I expect too much of Agnes as my companion. Too much time spent watching Sabrina the teenage witch maybe..


Before I "grew up" obviously. Well, a bit. I'll have to find someone else to read lines with, someone actually literate and human would probably be a step up, and male. Easier to picture myself desperately in love with that than something that only reluctantly "meows" back at my attempts at love, sorrow, despair. Would it be okay to ask Nathaniel? Surely he likes Shakespeare, he seems so above everything else.


I've only just realised that if I actually get the part, my weekend will begin to look pretty barren. Knowing Miss. Haymar, the role will begin to consume my life, at least that will be some form of method acting though..



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