I'm Just Me

Anna-Maria is tired of being someone else she wants to be the real herself no matter what anyone else thinks.


2. The Accident

They told me it isn't my fault.If only i hadn't been stupid Jessicca would still be alive.

It started as a normal day me and my best friend Jessicca were walking from school.

"You know in Posh the fashion shop there's this new handbag and even though you called Dibs on Posh next handbag could i have it"i begged.

"No i dibbed it so there"Jessicca replied.

"But Please i just got to have it"i moaned.

"No Anna stop being a spoilt princess"Jessicca shouted.

"Me your the spoilt princess Jess i'm not your friend go away"i shouted.

"Fine i will"Jessicca replied and walked on the road and got hit by a passing Car.Jessicca screamed.I ran to Jessicca.

"Jessicca"i screamed.

"I'm going to die Anna sorry were still best friends"Jessicca whispered.

"Don't die stay with me its my fault"i sobbed.

"It's not your fault"Jessicca whispered.

"Stay with me"i screamed.

"The pain is unbearable bye Anna i love you fashion and model was our dreams make it true be a model Anna remember me"Jessicca whispered and left the world.

I screamed the car driver walked out it was Leo Adams Jessicca boyfreind i screamed.

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