Love is for everyone

Hi everyone who is willing to take the risk and try to read one of my stories...
This is my first story ever, so please be gentle with me and my terrible English. This is probably just going to be a oneshot. I would love you, if you would read it and comment, special on how I can improve my writing and with ideas.

And for the story, Minho (from SHINee) is captain on his school's basketball team. But in the middle of the big game he suddenly sees something in the corner of his eye...


1. The game

Minho’s P.O.V

I had the ball. It was the last two minutes of the game. The whole school was cheering for me. Of course their were. I was the captain of the team. The one everybody counted on. We were behind with one goal, just one. And I knew, that if I didn´t score a goal know, we would lose. But if I did, and everybody believed in me, we would go in overtime and we would have a chance to win this. Just as I was about to jump with the ball, something court my eye. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was cheering for her school. When she realized, I was looking at her, she turned her head and smiled to me. The other team seemed confused, they didn´t knew the feint I was making in hesitating. My teammates were shouting to me to throw the ball. But it wasn´t a feint. I was just distracted by the beautiful girl on the bench. All this happened in very few seconds. I jumped and scored. My school went crazy. I took a victory round.

The judge whistled for 10 minutes break and I looked up at the benches again to find the girl. But it was hard to find one person between so many others. Wait, there she was next to a very feline looking guy. They didn´t seemed so happy anymore. Now, when I thought about it, I realized that we don´t go on the same school. We were rivals. What a shame, I would have liked to get the beautiful girl to know a bit better. Maybe I still can. I can it least try.

I sat out on the bench, trying to catch my breath, before we should play again. The judge whistle sounded, and we went to the field once again. Game on. Everything after that became blurred. The next thing I knew was that the judge once again had whistled and my teammates attacked me. We had won. The crowd went even crazier.

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