But You Can Not See Me

What am I ?
Who am I ?
Why do I do what I do ?
Am I human of creature?
I would tell you the answers but then that would be awfully silly of me, now wouldn't it.....


1. But You Can Not See Me

Here I am hiding behind a heavy wooden barrel on the old creaking pirate ship.

There he was, mopping the deck whilst whistling to himself in the dark glowing moonlight.

But he can’t see me

I slowly crept up behind his back and quietly hopped onto his shoulder, I softly said “hello,” into his ear.

He quickly spun around making me nearly fall but held on tightly.

I got my grip back and hopped onto his nose and stroked it gently.

With cold fear in his eyes he yelled out “who is it?” holding his fists out in front of him ready to attack.

“Shhh!” I answered gazing deeply into his eyes.

With cold sweat running down his face he froze on the spot.

I tickled him under the chin and suddenly he fainted falling on his back heavily.

Then there he was lying on the deck with a stiff, disturbed look on his face, not breathing, just lying like a stone statue.

Feeling bored I hoped of and dived into the dark bowl of waves, hoping to float away onto land to find my next victim.


         Now here I am standing on a high windy mountain creeping behind some tall tufts of weedy grass.

There she was hiking up towards the top wearing a heavy backpack.

But she can’t see me

I grabbed onto her shoe lace as she trudged by and sat on her foot.

Once she stopped to catch a breath I brushed my warm touch against her leg.

She suddenly jumped letting out a quiet yelp of fright and taking in deep gasps of air.

I climbed up onto her rucksack and tickled her behind her ear making her quickly drop her rucksack and suddenly spin around putting her hand tightly over her ear shivering with fear.

I giggled quietly to myself and hopped onto her nose gazing deeply into her eyes.

I gently blew at her eyes making her blink as a horrified panic ran over face she fainted falling gently to the ground.

Then there she was lying on the grass with frizzy hair spread out like a fan around her, her face had a stiff disturbed look and she was not breathing, just lying like a stone statue.

I rolled away feeling bored at how easy this one was.

And off I went ready to pounce on my next unfortunate victim. 

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