In this short sci-fi screenplay set in the barbarous Post-Collapse Era, a mysterious and extremely capable operative known only as "The Parachutist" lands in the desert of what was once New Mexico on a strictly defined mission.But when he saves a little boy from a Road Warrior-esque biker gang, he finds himself thrown into the middle of a deadly conflict.


3. The Boy




The sun is high. Noon.


He comes to a two lane asphalt road stretching away toward the mountains in one direction, the vast desert in the other.


Turns and begins walking along it.


Very hot now. Sweating, but determined. Steady pace.


He stops and looks at a dusty sign pocked with bulletholes:




Walks on through mountain-distorting heat waves.


Ahead, on a downward slope, a car -- turned over -- surrounded by parked "choppers."  An accident.


As the PARACHUTIST approaches, walking faster, we see from his POV:


A WOMAN, crying and begging, is being raped by a biker gang member. Another his holding her down, laughing. Another stands looking on, waiting his turn.


They all wear scuffed leather jackets, goggles, scarves, and boots like the PARACHUTIST's.


Nearby, a man lies dead in a pool of blood.


By the road stands a little boy covered in dust. Watching. Stunned.


Four "choppers," all tricked out with chrome and well cared for.


A fourth biker, supposed to be the sentry by where he is placed, isn't watching the road but watching the fun. Leering.


He holds a machete, resting it on his shoulder.


The PARACHUTIST unholsters his pistol. It's a .44 magnum. He flicks open the chamber to check the load.




Four rounds.




PARACHUTIST's blue eyes, considering. Then he snaps the chamber back into place and holsters the pistol.


Walking even faster, almost at a run, he reaches down and draws a combat knife from a leather sheath taped to his ankle.




The "sentry," leering. Sounds of struggle. Laughter.


The PARACHUTIST, approaching silently and swiftly from behind, whips one arm around the SENTRY BIKER'S body and grasps the handle of the machete.


Cuts SENTRY BIKER'S throat with his combat knife.


A spurt of blood. The SENTRY BIKER stops leering and, with a puzzled expression, drops to the asphalt.


The PARACHUTIST, moving forward without an instant's pause --


BIKER RAPIST sensing something is wrong, rising to his feet with his pants down, turning --


The TWO OTHER BIKERS looking up as the PARACHUTIST blocks out the sun. From their POV he is a hurtling shadow.


His right boot flashes out in a karate kick to the chest of the BIKER RAPIST --


Blood bursts from the BIKER RAPIST's mouth as the boot CRACKS into his chest, a perfect and lethal kick --


He flies backward as if blown off his feet by a shotgun round --




A BIKER's hand scrabbling for a lead pipe --


As the TWO BIKERS rise, one leaping forward swinging a chain, the other brandishing a lead pipe, the PARACHUTIST swings the machete --




A BIKER's head flies onto the asphalt, bouncing and rolling --


Sound of the chain falling onto the road.


The PARACHUTIST parries the lead pipe with the now-bloody machete --




He cuts the BIKER across the belly with a reverse slash.


We see the BIKER staggering back, looking down with horror at his entrails.


The PARACHUTIST -- grim, advancing.


The BIKER screams.


His scream is cut short to a gurgle as he dies.


Blood splatters the face and body of the woman who was being raped.




The little boy. Watching. No expression.




The woman, looking up at the PARACHUTIST. Stunned.


He kneels.


The little boy breaks into a stumbling run.


Falls down by the woman, clutching at her head.


We now see how badly she has been beaten. She won't survive.



(to the PARACHUTIST, mouthing the words silently)

Thank you.


Pushes the boy at the PARACHUTIST.


Mouthing: "Take him."


Gurgles blood. Dies. 

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