I have no idea where this is going... HELP!


1. The argument

Dear Diary,

It is happening again. The thundering yells of my parents having just another argument. That's what they always say. 

'Don't worry its just another argument.'

I think differently, well we if you count Lola but she isn't sure. I think this will be just like the others it starts off as 'just another argument' but ends as a sorrowful divorce  where Mum keeps sobbing for days on end afterwards. 

Anyway I was saying about the argument. It is louder than the other ones normally are. I wish it would stop.  I wish I could have a normal life. I wish I could just throw my life away and get a better one with a happy family in one home. But I will never have a normal life because I am just me Katie Gardener and I am cursed.


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