Untouched before you

I wrote this story listening to Hurt by Leona Lewis. This story unwindes the heartbreaking and heart-throbbing tale of a lonely teenage girl who always dreamed about love but could never find it. Depression hung over her world like heavy black curtains but did she ever find someone to open them and let the light shine through? You'll just have to read to find out...
enjoy! <3 xx


2. Stranger

I took precaution with each stride, taking deep breaths now and then. A flurry of emotion washed over me, leaving a sore burn in its place. I had only travelled about 20 yards up the lane but by which point I felt like collapsing on the floor with a heart attack, like I had run a marathon without training. Stupid.

The thought of him.. this stranger, watching me as I nervously left his where-abouts sent a cold chill down my spine as I began to question. Was he still there? Is he watching me? Could he be following me??? I couldn't turn to look, what if he was following me? What would he do? What does he want? I panicked, my knees weakend, I could feel a cold sweat dwell on my forehead and the palms of my hands.

"Wait! Please wait, Please."

I froze, feeling paralised from the neck down. Shit. He had been following me all this way, silently. But he waits until now to announce his precense, creeping up behind me. Quivering in my over-sized blazer, I just mananaged to force myself to turn around. Face to face. Holding each-others gaze. Who was he?

" What do you want? Who are you? Don't hurt me" I stood petrified, eyes bulging.

"What? Hurt you? I'm sorry, I just, well, I'm Teddy, Teddy Moore"

He stood there, looking almost nervous, embarssed. One hand in his jeans pocket, the other locked in his shabby dark hair, nervously fiddling with small tufts. His deep brown eyes melted into mine. He was rather beautiful. But still, I was unsure, is this a trap.. to lead me somewhere where he will kill me, rape me, kidnap me?? He only looked a couple of years older than me; 17 maybe.

He warily took a step towards me and dragged the hand in his hair down and slightly out towards me.

"I'm so sorry to scare you, I was just, well, never mind, I'll go" Almost breaking into a whisper, he awkwardly turned.

"No, wait, I'm sorry. I'm Grace, Grace Knight" I don't know what came over me, but the thought of his absence no longer appealed to me. He seemed nice.

He quickly turned round again, anxiously observing my change in charisma.

"Oh, right. Hi Grace, sorry, I was just going to say that I'm new to the area. I moved here this morning with my Dad"

"Oh right" I felt so stupid, what was I thinking? He didnt mean any harm. All I want to do right now is punch myslef in the face but that might look a bit odd. I think I had already embarrassed myself enough!

"Umm yeah, he sent me out so I wouldn't be in his way. Also to find some people, make some friends you know. I thought the bus stop would generally be a good place to find other teens but I guess I just am scaring you insead. I'm really sorry"

"No no, don't worry, I'm sorry, I feel like an idiot, well I assume you already think I'm one since I fell off the bus!!" I laughed

"Ha no. I wouldn't judge someone from that, your not an idiot."

I smiled, warming to him. He was so nice, genuine and real. I never felt like this. I only just met him and I feel like he has been my best friend all my life.

"Hey, do'ya wanna hang out? I mean I live just around the corner up the road, maybe you want to come over or something!"

"Errr umm yeah sure, I'd like that. Will your parents mind?"

"Naa it will be fine, yours?"

"Just my Dad, I don't have a mum, but I'll text him, he will be pleased"

"Ohh I'm sorry. Cool" I didn't ask, I didn't want to upset him as it seemed like a sensitive topic.

He walked over to me and we smiled at each other, walking side by side up to my house.




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