Things I Love

This is a poem that I wrote the other day. Please comment on whether or not you like it. :)


1. Smells I love



These I have loved

The soft sweet scent of newly made hay;

The quiet bluebells asleep in clumps of clay;

A long, lovely whiff of freshly made bread;

The smell of my house from lying in bed;

The strong smell of chlorine down by the pool;

The great scent of biscuits as I reach from the stool;

The fruitiness of sun cream down at the beach;

The perfume that comes from a freshly cut peach;

The burning smell of a hot bonfire;

The candyfloss clouds at the top of a spire;

The spicy fragrance of a burning incense stick;

The aroma of Nan’s house with the big clock saying “tick”;

The essence of flowers as you step in the florist;

The aroma of rain as you walk into the mist;

The delicate scent of a cracked walnut;

The smoky incense of a stubbed cigarette butt.

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