Please, please..

Wrote this to the song: "Please, don't go" by SHINee.


1. ~


Please, please dont leave me.

Please please. Hold me, a last time tight.

Please my love. Please.

Hold my, hold me one last time in your arms,.

In my dreams we’re so close.

Please, please my love. Hold me one more time tight.

You can’t. You can’t just leave me like this.

In this world. Please my love.


The next time I close my eyes, to meet you in my dream

Where we’re close.

Please. Kiss me like you use to do.

Hold me. Kiss me. Touch me.

My tears are the only that reflect the sadness in my dream.

Come back to me. Don’t leave.

When I open my eyes, and know it just was I dream

The only thing I remember is the words you whispered.


The next time I close my eyes. Just to see you

As I stay still in that place. Hold me.

Please, Please. You can’t. You can’t. Don’t leave like this.

Come back to me.

Please, please, just one more time. Please, one more time. Hold me in your arms

The next time I close my eyes  to see you

As I stay still in that place.

Hold me.

One last time. 

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