Beyond perfection

From an abandoned child to an engineer. From popular to not so much. This is the story of my life..


1. Was this really our last dance?

Age 11

It is again April and the day of my dancing school's big show is approaching. All the hard training should prove useful tomorrow when I once again stand on the floor in front of proud parents and friends. 

Hard training paid off and we won first prize. All was good, atleast untill Jacob's mother spoke to my mom "our children should not dance anymore. Today will be the last time." Didn't we just win first prize? The finest standard blue dress with lots of lace, tulle and puff sleeves. There was even a matching shirt for Jacob. Was this all because I didn't wanted to go to Paris with them? I guess this was our last dance. We could have been great. Without training, I had plenty of time to schoolwork and friends. I guess this could be great also. 

A few days after my mom came into my room and said that she has a replacement for Jacob. "Henrik from the dance school would like to be your partner, is this something you would like?" What should I say? Henrik is not the best at school, it was Jacob and I who always won. I had to say no. 

So I have had my very last dance. Was it a great decision? Giving up om something I was good at, just because I wasn't sure I could win.. I'm still not sure. 

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