There are two sides to everything.


1. Circus

A piece of English work.


A palette of colours dances together as the animals of different countries prance and pounce in their colourful routine. Horses parade around leaping gracefully in their rears and bucks, feathers decorating their manes and tails, bright paints colouring their white coats. Gold and white lions leap through hoops of lingering flames, their tails flying with them as they prowl at the command. Sea lions jump up to resemble statues imitating their trainer as they delight in the tricks they easily perform.

 Music booms with the clash of cymbals as the animals parade in sync. The delightful smell of sweet cotton candy and salty popcorn meanders in the air creeping under the explosions of fireworks colouring the dark sky. The laughter of people and giggle of children finishes the evening as the spectacular show comes to an end with the lights finally beginning to fade away.



A foul stench fills the nostrils as the scene slowly unfolds. Cages upon ages lie in rows, each filled with animals all panting in the summer heat. Tigers lie in a large barred cage, barely a drop of water in their bolls. Horses stand in their own slurry, ankle deep in the awful mess. Seals and sea lions a like linger in shallow pools full of dirty water and algae. A group of dogs pace around, stretching as far as their rope will allow, searching for any scraps.

 A man stands in front of a flighty stallion, a whip curled at his hand. The creature rears followed by the hissing of the whip. Five times it strikes leaving bloody gashes in the animals rump.

 The constant noise of screeching animals and shouts of men thickens the air as the evening approaches. The feel of anger and fear chocks us as animals are lead from their cages decorated richly with disguises to hide their poor condition. Nobody sees the cages they return to after another night of performing. The onslaught only continues, always ignored.

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