Desdemona Dante

This Fable has a hard hitting moral message. Beauty suffices from within. A beautiful princess discovers the hard way that beauty is my no means skin deep.


1. The Tainted


Once upon a time there was an old lady who lived in a cottage on the edge of a deep, dark wood. Her name was Desdemona Dante. She was a deeply bitter and ugly woman, who scorned on all who dare to bare a beautiful face. She had no friends, and no husband, so kept herself locked in her dank little cottage, all day and all night. The walls of her home were covered in picture of herself from when she was a young girl.

Now Desdemona was not always an ugly and evil being, she was once the daughter of the King. Princess Desdemona was her title, she was beautiful, the most beautiful young lady in all of the land in fact. Young knights and princes would fall to their knees at her feet with the magical power her beauty seemed to cast upon all people. When Desdemona was a child, she was the sweetest child of all, she would help her mother to bake, and quite often she would even help the maids to clean and bring in sweet smelling bouquets of flowers for the dining table. However as Desdemona grew older and more aware or how beautiful she was becoming, she saw no need in being nice and helping people, after all she was the most beautiful person who may have ever lived. She could do whatever she wanted, and she did. Life for Desdemona often got quite boring, as she always had exactly what she wanted, if it was to be a new prince then within the hour and new one would arrive for her. If she demanded more expensive jewels then the King would send his jewellers to find bigger and better jewels for his little Princess.

By the time Desdemona was eighteen she had been married nine times, had bled the land dry of all the fine clothes and shoes that there were and had been officially crowned the most beautiful princess in the world. But she was still bored, she would often sneak out of the castle in peasant clothing and play horrid tricks on innocent passersby. One day Desdemona got back from playing a particularly menacing prank on a timid old lady. It was quite late so Desdemona decided to go straight to bed, not before having a long, vain look at her own beauty in her gold framed mirror. As she gazed into her pools of deep blue eyes, she noticed something not quite right. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but her usual stunning glow was dull and just not as pleasing to look at.

 This carried on, as Desdemona got nastier and nastier; her beauty faded more and more each day, and when her beauty began to slip away her temper and bitterness for other beautiful people got more deep rooted and venomous. Eventually the people of the land and the King and Queen saw that actually the Princess was just an evil, little, spoilt girl, they had been fooled by her beauty before and now realised that she was the meanest person they had ever met. Her title of the most beautiful princess in the world was taken from her and she was dethroned by her mother and father as Princess Desdemona, she was told to leave the family castle and to not return until she had learnt some manners and respect for other people.

Desdemona was on her own, alone, with no friends, no family and her beauty well and truly diminished. The anger that she felt overcame her and aged her horribly. She found a small cottage on the edge of the woods and decided it would be the perfect place to not be disturbed by people. She decided to change her name to Desdemona Dante and to live her life rotting in a jealousy filled world, aching for the life of beauty and wealth she had before.

Desdemona lived in her cottage for fifteen years, just sat looking at the girl she once was and noting how everyday her features got more and more disfigured and her face sagged more with age. Yet she just didn’t understand why she had lost all her beauty and how, if she ever could, get it back.


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