Desdemona Dante

This Fable has a hard hitting moral message. Beauty suffices from within. A beautiful princess discovers the hard way that beauty is my no means skin deep.


3. The Revelation


Desdemona tried for weeks to try and steal Elina’s beauty but nothing would work “Why is it you are so beautiful?” questioned Desdemona one tiresome day “I really honestly don’t know Desdemona Dante; I live in a house with no mirrors, so I don’t really consider myself pretty. Just please let me go, you’ve kept me so long and I am tired!” pleaded Elina. “Very well” Shouted Desdemona “If for me you do one thing” Elina nodded in reply “Tell me how to be beautiful again” Elina shook her head frustratingly “I cannot answer that for you Desdemona Dante. I don’t know what makes people physically beautiful. Looks, to me, are not important, being beautiful on the inside is all that matters to me” suddenly something clicked in Desdemona mind “So you’re saying being nice and caring for people makes you beautiful?” Elina nodded again, just wanting to torture to end “You’re right” said Desdemona “I am?” “Yes, for most of my life, I’ve been horrible to people, being an ugly person on the inside has turned me ugly on the outside too” Elina just sat there, gawking. Then she agreed, maybe it was true that having a caring personality gives you physical beauty, answering why she herself was so beautiful. After all we are all born looking the same, and only with age do we turn into the people we are. At this moment Desdemona untied Elina and unbolted her door “I’m...sorry” she stuttered “You would think I would have seen this for myself a long time ago, but thank you for helping me see. I was blinded why hate and jealousy, but I now realise that’s not what beauty is about” Elina rushed out of the front door, not forgetting her basket of flowers which had been left exactly where they fell weeks ago. The door shut behind her and she stood there, on Desdemona’s door step. She clutched the dead flowers tight to her as they seemed to be the only thing real at that moment in time. She let out a slight cry.

On the other side of the door, Desdemona too did let out a slight cry. She knew she would never be beautiful again, but she knew she could stop becoming uglier. For once in her life Desdemona felt joy. She took down all the photos of herself and burnt them over a slow fire that went all the way into the night. From that day on Desdemona was never angry or jealous again, and she lived happily ever after, enjoying her life and her soul; helping people and relishing the world.

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