Desdemona Dante

This Fable has a hard hitting moral message. Beauty suffices from within. A beautiful princess discovers the hard way that beauty is my no means skin deep.


2. The Pure


Desdemona didn’t often see people, but there was one young girl who would bring flowers to Desdemona Dante’s home. Every month this girl would bring round a small collection of flowers to all the lonely people she knew lived on the outskirts of the deep, dark woods. Desdemona hated this girl, for she was youthful and beautiful and reminded Desdemona of how she looked when she was younger.

One day Desdemona decided that she would trick this pretty young woman into her home so she could somehow steal her beauty from her. As like clockwork the young girl arrive on the same day she always did every month, with a relishing handful of woodland flowers. Desdemona wasted not one minute and opened her door as quickly as she could. Before her stood the girl, her blonde hair cascaded over her slender shoulders and her knee-length dress and petticoat bloomed elegantly over her smooth frame. Desdemona looked into her eyes and was lost for a slight moment, where she thought she was looking in the mirror of the past, and then as soon as the thought as come it was shattered by the painful jealousy Desdemona had for her. “Oh, you startled me!” said the girl. “Yes... I do apologise. Flowers again?” Desdemona disapproved. “Well, yes. Flowers are all I can afford as I’m not a wealthy woman, but I like to make people happy and bringing them flowers that I’ve picked myself, I think is a grand way. Don’t you think so?” Desdemona did not think so. “Just darling” she lied “I do look forward to your visits.” Desdemona never looked forward to the visits; she would normally answer the door, grab the flowers and slam the door back in the poor girls face without saying two words. Then with the flowers she would burn them, it made her feel a little bit powerful again, but of course every time she did this, the ugliness crept over her forcing her eyes to dull and her skin to blotch. “It’s just you never seem to happy” the young girl said. “Well, I can say I’m not a happy woman. Why don’t you come in for a bit, keep me company?” “What a splendid idea, I would love to! My names Elina by the way” Elina glided into the cottage and sat down on a small wooden chair by the oven. “Dante, Desdemona Dante, you can call me Desdemona Dante” she sneered. “Desdemona, that’s an unusual name. Wasn’t there a myth about a princess called Desdemona, the most beautiful person ever known wasn’t she? Then she just disappeared. I suppose it’s only a myth.” Desdemona slammed the door shut and bolted it with a feeling of irritation. “Myth?” she questioned “Yes, I mean there’s more to the tail than that, I think she lost her beautifulness. I mean that can’t be possible can it?” Elina struggled to keep the atmosphere calm “I can tell you it’s not a myth little girl” Elina felt a sudden change in Desdemona’s voice, things no longer felt safe. “For I am the Desdemona that you speak of, ex Princess Desdemona, now Desdemona Dante. It was only fifteen or so years since I was cast out, and look at me!” Elina was very confused; she didn’t know where to look so she just kept her eyes on the floor “LOOK AT ME!” screamed Desdemona. Elina sat there, petrified she had no idea why Desdemona was shouting at her and was shocked even more that the story her mother had told her as a child was true. “I think I should go” Elina said feebly “Oh no. You’re not going anywhere, for you are a beautiful girl, and I want to be beautiful again. You are to give me your beauty!” Desdemona grabbed Elina and tied her to the chair she was sat in, her basket of flowers fell to the ground and Desdemona stamped on them in the struggle to get Elina to stay still. Elina tried to scream. “Shut up girl!” Elina did and tears fell from her eyes as she had no idea of her fate from this point on “I’m going to steam your beauty from you and infuse it into me!” Desdemona cackled “Please.” wailed Elina “Have mercy on me!” Desdemona pulled out a big contraption from her cupboard under her stairs, which looked like a huge coffin. She placed it around where Elina was sat and turned it on. Steam filled the tent within seconds. Elina panicked and suddenly her vision was blocked by the amount of steam that had built up in the tiny space around her. Outside the tent stood Desdemona hunched over holding a mask which led from the coffin through a small tube and ended up on her face. “This plan cannot fail me” Desdemona cried. The steam travelled through the tube to the mask and coated Desdemona’s face in a thick layer of snowy steam, she left it there for a few moments, then ran to her mirror to see if it had worked. “Blast” said Desdemona. It hadn’t worked and Desdemona couldn’t think of another way to extract Elina’s beauty from her.


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