NorwayxReader B103

This is a Hetalia fanfiction featuring Norway and you as the reader.


6. Chapter 6


The rest of the meal went on in silence. Either nobody dared to say anything, or they had nothing to share. You assumed it might very well be the latter. Nobody seemed interested in commenting on your little stunt earlier. And you were thankful for that. The last thing you wanted right now was to be humiliated in front of the boy. You had just met him, and not even formally, and he already meant the world to you.

You didn't want to break the silence, but you had to talk to the guy at some point. You couldn't just go around looking at him continuously. You had to say something. But what? You hadn't even though about that yet. What and idiot you were. You couldn't just go up to the boy and have nothing to say, that'd just be awkward.

You sighed, acquiring a look from the nurse. You just shook your head. There was absolutely nothing wrong. And you had no idea whether you were being sarcastic or not, because you had acquired some serious problems with this boy in the picture. Problems you had no idea how to solve, but to at some point talk to the boy. Which was almost impossible. Not that you were shy, but there was just something noble about this altogether perfect boy.

You could smell the food, and it was making you sick to your stomach. You really didn't want to sit here, but at least you'd see Lukas at the meals. He was one of those who got early up. Way too early. Many of the others weren't even at breakfast. You mentally kicked yourself for being up early. It was a perfect excuse to sleep instead of eat. But that didn't even matter, Lukas was here, and you'd love to eat breakfast just to get to see him. You hoped he'd be in school too. That'd just be perfect.

Wait-! If he was up early, and had the door open, maybe he'd heard you, or even seen you, tonight! Considering the later happening with the hand was a hallucination.

You heard him talk. Didn't quite catch the words, since you were rambling in your head, but he got up and left the room. You followed suit.

He moved so perfectly still and soundless. You just couldn't comprehend it.

When he went out the door you hoped with all your heart that he'd turn left, to the common room, and not right to his own room. This was your lucky day, - he turned left. And you went straight after him, though giving him the necessary required space.

You could hear the others leaving the dining room; you expected that they'd probably go to the common room too.

You were glad to had found Lukas. Before him your world had been a hell. There was nothing good in life. But now you had hope. You didn't know you were capable of loving, willing to be loved back. But with Lukas everything was altered. Everything was possible.

You reached the common room and sat in a chair in the other end of the room than where Lukas had seated himself in a couch. You were more than a little reluctant to sit closer to him, but you had to! You pretended that you were picking up a magazine and sat in the couch too.

You acquired a look from him, caught midair out of the corner of your eye. How was it possible for his gaze to be both so dull and so fierce all at once? You wondered, and without the rational thoughtfulness of your mind, you turned your head. Meeting those mysterious eyes. Your breathed hitched, your whole body got tense, and the worst part? You were as easy to read as a children's book. And maybe even easier for those analytic eyes.

You sighed and lowered your gaze to your shoes. Wondering what he now must think of you.

His next actions took you aback: He got up and left for the door, saying in a low commanding voice over his shoulder: "Come." You looked up to see who he was talking to, but there was no one else in the room yet, and he was looking at you. You breath hitched once again and you mentally slapped yourself for stuttering when you innocently asked: "M-me?" He only nodded and almost invisible nod, turned around and left through the door. You followed suit.

Lukas had his back turned to you when he knocked on the nurses' door. You just stood there like an idiot not knowing what was happing. Only knowing that your heart was pounding so hard it was going to burst out of your cheats any moment now.

"We're going to go for a walk." You couldn't comprehend the words that formed the sentence he just had uttered. The only thing you heard was his beautiful singing voice. Only after a minute you realized he wasn't singing but speaking Norwegian. Norwegian? Was Lukas from Norway? Probably. But it sounded like he'd been staying in Denmark for quite a few years.

You never heard the nurses answer, but suddenly, dragging you out of your thoughts he said to you:

"Go get your jacket if you want to join me." He spoke again. This time the words meaning cut through to you. And you flew after him, into your room to fetch your jacket and you boots. You didn't have time to wonder why in the world Lukas had invited you out on a walk. But then again maybe you shouldn't put too much in it all; in spite of everything it was only a walk.


chapter got a bit longer ^^ That's the good news. The bad news is that I have a writer's block and can't really write more right now. Hope you'll wait for me to get over it.!

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