NorwayxReader B103

This is a Hetalia fanfiction featuring Norway and you as the reader.


5. Chapter 5


You woke up, feeling more tired than when you went to sleep. My God, what happened tonight? You had no idea. And quite frankly, you didn't want to know.

The nurse, who'd woken you up, disappeared as quickly as she had come. Leaving the lights on and the door slightly ajar. You slowly got up, trudging over to close the door again then disappearing into the bathroom.

Five minutes and a bath later you were done, came out and opened your PC. You had to check your mail and facebook. Nothing new interesting had happened, so you closed it again, feeling a bit lonely here by yourself. You had always dreamed about living alone, but this was something completely different.

The nurse knocked on the door again, opening it and peeping in. When she saw you were up, she smiled and said that it was nice someone was up early.

Well of course you were up when you were so brutally awaken; you wondered how anyone could keep sleeping.

You still couldn't get tonight's happenings out of your head. And you used the remaining time till breakfast to think them through yet again. Not that it got you any further. At all.

Still half asleep you went out your door and headed to the dining room. The first thing, or person, you saw when entering the room was Lukas. You stopped. Stood motionless. Your mouth was probably agape. But you thought about none of this, the only thing you could comprehend was this beautiful boy sitting at the table. All the others had somehow melted into the canvas of this setting, been blurred out.

"_ are you okay?" a nurse asked, sitting at the table. You turned towards her, closing your mouth. It was almost hurtful to take your eyes of Lukas.

"Yes, I'm fine." You replied with a strained smile. This behavior was considered normal here, so luckily no one seemed to think twice about it, but you. What an idiot you were, letting your guard down like that.

You sat down looking at Lucas out of the corner of your eye, attempting not to appear too obvious. Which was hard, but somehow you managed, because nobody said or did anything.

You viewed the food, while having no appetite whatsoever. But not to attract more unwanted attention, you grabbed a piece of bread and put some cheese on it. You had to eat, even though you really didn't want to.

Again, you couldn't take your eyes of the mysterious boy, who now had attained a name. – Lukas.

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