NorwayxReader B103

This is a Hetalia fanfiction featuring Norway and you as the reader.


4. Chapter 4


You couldn't comprehend what just happened, how it was even possible, or if it ever really happened in the first place. Nothing was clear, and nothing made sense anymore.

Had he really been there..? Or was it just your imagination running wild, these sorts of things did happen. There was a reason why they had given you that diagnosis. You were delusional and hallucinating in their eyes. Even though you though yourself nothing was wrong. But what did your opinion matter anyway? Nothing I tell you.

You suddenly realized where you were, and what time it was. You quickly got up and ran to your room, just in time to get in before the night nurse turned the corner to your hallway. You hurried to your bed, slipping under the covers, covering your head. You lay as still as you could, thinking nothing in particular, holding your breath.

The door opened. You lay as still as a rock. The door closed again. You breathed out. Shit, that was close. You sat up. The door opened again.

"Thought I saw you move, I guess I was right. You have to say when you can't sleep or else we can't help you." Hmpf. They were trying to help you? Didn't seem that way.

"I just woke up, you woke me, it's okay, I'll go back to sleep now." You said, trying to sound sleepy, even though you couldn't really get more awake.

"Do you want some tea?" The nurse asked. You just shook your head.

"Some PN?" You shook your head again, making sure to make it clear you didn't want a calming pill. You didn't need that, not at all. It was the only thing they could do, listen and give pills.

"You sure?"

"Yes, I don't need it, I'll go right back to sleep."

"Okay, just call me if you can't fall asleep, or change your mind." You just nodded. Then she went out the door again.

You fell back into your covers sighing. This was what you wanted to avoid. Now it would say in your file that you were awake. They'd probably think that you couldn't think because of too many thoughts. Which wasn't too wrong really, but they didn't need to know.

You lay back under the covers, you really did need to go back to sleep, maybe tomorrow you would be able to think more clearly. Yeah, that was a good idea, you convinced yourself, as you closed your eyes and fell into a restless sleep.


Sorry for the /late/ update… -.-' I fail..

Anyway, hoped you liked it, and the next I /promise/ will be up soon.


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