NorwayxReader B103

This is a Hetalia fanfiction featuring Norway and you as the reader.


1. Chapter 1


You were followed through the door by your parents and a nurse. Why were you even here? Did they ever listen to you? No. You send your mom a death glare, she just smiled at you like you were some little kid.

Parents, you thought.

The nurse was talking but you really didn’t pay attention, because you didn’t care, you weren’t going to be here for long anyway. You let your eyes wander and soon met the most beautiful blue eyes you’d even seen. They seemed sad, but there was something else, hope? You didn’t get more time to think, because the nurse went in the way and broke your moment with this mysterious person. You were led to your room, and when you were left alone, because the nurse needed to talk with your parents in private, it was first then you realized that you’d only seen the person’s eyes, nothing else. Now how where you going to find this interesting person again? Just go around and look everyone in the eyes? No, what were you thinking? This was ridiculous, you couldn’t do that, just to find a person you’d not even really seen before. What were you going to say, or do, when you found this person? Right, you were just being and idiot for a moment, that’s why they even send you here. Schizophrenia my ass, there was nothing wrong with me, you thought.

You still didn’t get it, but you guessed there was nothing to do about that now.

“_________?” Your mother spoke softly behind you, sending you flying in the air, you were really edgy lately. “Are you okay sweety?” She looked concerned, it made you sick to your stomach.

“Yes I’m fine,” you said in a sugar sweet voice, hiding the sarcasm.

“We’ll be leaving now, the nurse says it’s best if you get used to all of this by yourself, are you okay with that?”

“Yes, it’s fine,” nothing was fine, why couldn’t they see it? They were your parents, weren’t they supposed to be able to see behind the mask you put up? Apparently not.


You followed your parents out, leaving them by the front door to talk to the nurse again. The mysterious person was gone, and there was nothing left indicating who it could’ve been.

You trudged to your room, closing the door that could only be locked from the outside, and sat down on the bed. You winched in shock when you sat down, and quickly got up. They duvet had balls inside it?! Seriously? How was that going to help you sleep? You’d just end up playing with it instead.

They were all nuts here. But then again, you were in a mental hospital, people tend to be nuts there.

That was only natural.


You decided to explore your little room. You had a bed which could be made a couch too, with that odd duvet. A table, two chairs, a closet and a desk and two shelves. There was another door in the room, you went over to it and pushed down the handle. Ah, you had your own bathroom too. How considerate of them.

You wandered aimlessly around your room, waiting for the nurse to come back, because you had no idea what else you were going to do.

On your third round around the table you nearly fell over your bag. Kneeling down new to it, you wondered if you should unpack or not. You really didn’t want to, but they had talked something about two months, then you at least wanted your piano in here, and some music too. Maybe some books, besides the ones you already had in your bag.

How were you going to be in contact with your friends? Heck, scratch that. What were you going to tell them anyway?

You began putting your clothes in the closet, putting each different thing on its own shelf.

Everyone had a bit OCD, that was normal. Or that was at least what you told yourself.


When you were done unpacking and the nurse still hadn’t come back, you decided to go out explore yourself. You opened the door which, luckily, was still open and walked out of your room. There was a frail looking girl coming from the other direction. Wait, was it a boy? He was very feminine. He was probably heading for his room. You had to look twice at him, to really confirm that he was there, because he moved like a shadow and soundless too. But he was there nonetheless, passing by you know, this boy was odd, something about him just seemed off, and for some reason you found that really endearing.

But he kept his gaze to the ground, so you couldn’t see his eyes, and he was quickly in his room.

You kept wondering about this mysterious boy and those eyes. Could it be the same person?

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