Sunbathing world championships

1963 saw Lionel and Arthur both enter puberty. Looking cool was now very important.
Lionel grew up in Perth, Australia until age 9 when his father was relocated at great expense from Ford Australia to Ford USA. His Dad solved problems, mechanical problems and he was the only man for this particular highly sensitive job so much so that less than a week into the they fired him his solution which in later life Lionel fully appreciated was to recall 100000 cars for a safety reason something Ford did not want to do!.
The family moved West to LA and Lionel's Aunt Hilda his mums elder sister her husband Fred and the two girls Alice and Janice whom rapidly became an object of desire for Lionel, sadly she was way out of his league.
Arthur was in Janice's league, Arthur liked Lionel this was going to be fun.


1. Cooking Oil

'Look at you your white'

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