Little Red Riding Hoodrat

This Wolf messed with the wrong Chick.


1. Where my Money

Once upon a time , there was a Top Shotta who was feared by everyone who knew her.

During the August Riots, this Top Shotta saw a beautiful cape and hood made of red velvet. Sat in the display window of Primark. The Shotta liked it so much she  took the beautiful cape and hood for herself. Then set Primark alight. After that , The Shotta never went out without wearing it. In time everyone called the Top Shotta; Little Red Riding Hoodrat.


Little Red Riding Hoodrat lived on the British Estate with her Mother in a small Council Flat above Uncle Sam's Chicken Shop. Every Day Little Red Riding Hoodrat would visit her baby father for child support money.


To get to her Baby father's house, Little Red Riding Hoodrat had to cut through Tower hamlets Cemetery park .


One day Little Red Riding Hoodrat planned to see her baby father as he was late paying his child support.


" Red you wanna check that cheap Waste man. This weave aint gonna pay for itself" Said Little Red Riding Hoodrat's Mother.

"Make sure to keep to the path. Cemetery park is full of idiots looking for beef or  just to jack mans" She Warned.


" Mum Chill your breeze. No Dick head gonna try it with me! I am a Top Shotta." With that Little Red Riding Hoodrat waved goodbye to her mother.


Before she had gone very far along the path through Cemetery park, Little Red Riding Hoodrat met a Wolf.

She had never seen a wolf before.


" Easy, Little Red Riding Hoodrat" said the Wolf.

"Wah gwan." Nodded Little Red Riding Hoodrat.


" Its early doors and your roaming the cemetery, Blud this place aint safe where you heading"


" Blud...Blud .. what part of me looks like your Blud? Blud!" Little Red Riding Hoodrat replied not best pleased.


" Calm down fam, I was just asking, there are pure Dickheads here..."

"Looking for beef or jacking mans I know." Interrupted Little Red Riding Hoodrat.


" Wow, just because you sell a few bags of weed doesnt  mean you're immune from a beat down" The Wolf hissed.


" What you saying Blud, you wanna try a ting with Me..shut your mouth! Futher more am going to Baby fathers' yard and..."


" Babyfather's house...Ahh I know your man. Am sorry . Leave it yeaaah ?" The Wolf turned tail and ran off the path into the cemetery.

" DickHead!"

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