Little Red Riding Hoodrat

This Wolf messed with the wrong Chick.


3. Real Talk Glossary you get me Fam


Baby father - Slang term for the father of an illegitimate child.


Beef - to start a fight, to get into argument with another person, or group of people.


Blud - Slang term for friend.


Breeze conversation without any relevance.


 Cuz - cousin; friend; brotha; homey/homie.


Dizzy- Mad Crazy.


Fam - someone you consider family.


FussyIdiot , fake person.


Gassing -  Someone that is chatting absolute rubbish.


Jacking -  Commonly refers to robbery, theft, misuse, seizure, possesion.


Peas - Money


Top Shotta - Thug, gangster, a person not to be messed with.


Wah Gwan - How are things.


Wasteman -  A boy that is worthless and has no reason to be living, can also be very stupid and selfcentered.    


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