The giraffe with the glass hat.


2. The start.

 One day at the circus Bob had some, in fact lots, of weird looking things that he had never seen before, all in a line before him, staring pointlessly at him. Suddenly without warning, Bob took himself to the floor, I know why. Bob’s trainer, Mick, appeared stroking Bob’s back gently,[ but he certainly didn’t look like a gentle person.]


Back to the story, these “weird looking things” were in fact children. Whilst Bob was on he floor a child, a girl to be precise, jumped on to him then another, then another. Bob then stood up, walked around a bit and sat back down. The children got off and others came on however the children behind the children who were just about to get on pushed and everyone else did to! Bob couldn’t hold hem all and he fell over! His precious and one in a kind glass hat was shattered…


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