The giraffe with the glass hat.


1. Bob.

 With the village silent and nothing lit , it was clear why. If you where to visit the village ,as soon as you arrived ,[I garrentee] there would be one place you would look.That is at the far side of the village ,the place is called the...Circus!!!

This circus specilizes in animal training including elephants, lions [every time they use the lions there is mysteriosly a new trainer every time].Of corse the chimps, showing off their intelligence and the giraffes who were just there so the children could climb. One giraffe, however, was a very, lets say, not  normal, let me tell you.

This giraffe was called Bob, I know wierd name for a giraffe but that is his name, remember that.Bob wasn't just a circus giraffe, he could also talk!Right let me remind you Bob is a giraffe who can talk! There is one main thing you have to know, Bob always has a glass hat perched comfortably on the top of his head.

Wait till the next chapter is realeased so you can find out when Bob starts to get into deep trouble.

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