Dress shop girl

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3. The monster under the bed

Whatever it was that pulled her let go of her under the bed.she quickly spiralled around to see what it was that grabbed her.Sat in the dark corner at the other side of the bed was a small humanoid creature with blue scruffy hair, a pouch like a kangaroo, sharp claws and white thangs protruding from its mouth. "what...are you?...." her voice was just as shaky as her body. Naida tried to keep her distance still not one-hundred percent if it would hurt her or not. it opened its large glowing lime green eyes illuminating the area around it. Naida flinched backwards slightly realizing there was a hard wall where she had just been dragged blocking the way to the room. It grinned at her before abruptly clawing up and grabbing the pillow of the bed. It sat and stared at her for a moment in silence clutching the pillow tightly in its needle like claws before daintily slipping the diary out of it's case. "that book..is that what all this is about!" she held herself back again remembering what was going on around her purple smoke surrounded them but now she thought about it it was there since she woke up everywhere she just didn't realize like a detail of a dream you don't notice until you wake up. "Am I dreaming? that's it maybe im still asleep!" Naida wanted to believe that she was still sleeping and this was all just a dream she would soon wake up from but she was still afraid what if it wasn't . The creature snickered with a hissing throaty sound. It's feet were like hand's, like a monkey one of witch  It put in its belly pouch and pulled out a small purple key on a crimson red chain, covered in goo from the pouch.It chucked it at Her. Naida clenched her fist as she caught it and the creature swiftly slipped the book onto her lap she opened her hand looking down at the key and peered back up at the odd creature. it waved at her "Bye Bye" its voice was just the same as Its laugh sort of like it had been breathing in helium . Naida looked at it confused at what it just said "what do you mean b..." before Naida could finish her sentence the creature pounced at her opening it mouth as if it was about to eat her whole. Its mouth got wider and wider until the creature burst into a bright flash of light. Naida sheltered her eyes from the blinding light with her arm. 



When the light faded Naida scanned her surroundings where was she...?

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