Dress shop girl

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1. One man's trash is another one's tresure




Naida flipped the shop sign to closed and peered out the glass door as a group of kids on the other side of the street caught her attention. She watched them laughing and joking around with there friends drifting of as usual, dreamingly watching them  until they ran off down the road. She sighed, Naida never really had any friends. She was home schooled and was never allowed to wonder far, her mum was always so over protective with her... Was: Naida's mum was killed quite a few years back by being pushed of a roof top while she was on a business trip, since then Naida has been taken care of by her older sisters Nina and Nabina and has been helping with the shop.



"Naida!, can you empty the bins!"  Nina yelled down the stairs as she tilted her head fiddling with her ear ring. Naida strayed away from the widow and pulled out the bin-bag tying it like bunny ears before heading out the back door to the bins. she chucked the rubbish bag onto the top of the reeking pile in the skip and went to walk back inside when she suddenly tripped on something, stumbling forward she turned to see what had tripped her. Lied sticking out from underneath the mucky skip was a old brown hard back note book  with a strange crest on it. it looked quite old she wondered to herself what kind of person would just throw it out .As she picked it up she carefully dusted it off trying not to damage it , In the centre of the crest was a large black gem it was like a big black diamond dark but clear enough to see throw. she grasped it under her arm and quickly went back indoors running straight up the stairs.She slipped past her sisters room and ran into hers locking the door behind her.They didn't like her keeping old junk so they would throw it out if they new about it.she layed on her bed kicking her legs in the air and gingerly opened the book.It was like a fairy book but it was written as a journal as if the person writing it was in some kind of magical world. on the inside of the back cover something was inscribed it was small and aged so it was hard to make out Naida squinted concentrating as she read it out load "days never written are days never gone.ignore sunsets warning pages will be torn. destiny's hand has found a new author not the next but the one before's daughter. tamper with time and you will regret it. what's done is done and now you've read it." Their was a knock at the door and Naida jumped quickly closing the book "Naida why is the door looked?" "one sec!" Naida  hastily tucked the book inside her pillow and rushed over to the door "what are you hiding?" Nina jokingly smirked at her "oh nothing!" Naida bit her lip she knew that sounded suspicious but she didn't seem to notice it as Nina just giggled "well anyway im going out so don't burn the house down while im gone ok" she jumped her large brown eyries shrunk in shock  "your leaving my by myself?!" Since her mum was killed Naida had been scared of almost everything due to her mothers years of over-protectiveness. Nina lent forward and stroked her head"come on Naida your fourteen now you need to learn to take care of yourself " "but!" Nina sighed "look I'll take my phone if anything happens call me ok?" Naida gazed down to the floor "ok.." she knew she was right she had to learn to be more independent "good I wont be long ok" As she left Naida listened to her foot steps until she heard the door close. While she was alone every little crack or tap sounded like something was in the house about to attack her. Petrified with fear Naida hid under her bed sheets praying for Nina to come home.Minutes started to seem like hours  and  Naida soon floated off in to a deep sleep.



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