A delighted fan finally gets to meet her favourite author at a book signing, but something else stems from the short encounter.

Written for a local contest that unfortunately got cancelled due to lack of entries.


2. Part II

James was frustrated. He couldn’t write. He needed to write, and wanted to, but he couldn’t when his thoughts were all over the place. Well, one place really.


Ever since that book signing he could not think about anything else other than her. It was crazy, insane, and stupid. She was simply a fan, and nothing more. Although he knew that maybe if he could at least talk to her again, maybe he would be able to write.

Yes, that was all he needed to do. It was the fact that he had had a short meeting with the mysterious blood-red haired girl and not even known her name that was making him act like that.

Jayess. What did that mean? Who would go by such a name that wasn’t even really a name?

Jayess, Jayess, Jayess. He said it aloud, hoping to see if that made a difference. The name now sounded familiar. Like it was a name he had heard before, but could not remember who the face was.

James’ sister Claire walked into the room and tossed him a can of coke. “Su’p?”

James caught it, quickly looking up from the desk where he had had his head in his hands.

“I can’t figure out this name. Jayess. J.a.y.e.s.s.”

Claire shrugged. “What kind of name is that?”

“I don’t know. Someone at the book signing’s used it as their name. But they said it’s what they go by.”

Claire bit her lip like she did when she was focused. The look of concentration crossed her brown eyes as they looked off into the distance above James’ head. “Could be a username?” she said at last. “You know... like on those story websites.”

James sat up sharply, moving the mouse onto the internet icon.

“Stories online dot com is the most popular.” She suggested.

He nodded, clicking onto the address bar. “Thanks!”

Stories online dot com was a pretty large website. Most people his age used it. James was only eighteen.

He searched for authors on the website, looking down the pages that came up. Jayess came up as the only author and then a few stories came up under her name. He thought about reading them, wondering if she used her intelligence she had already shown while reading his book, in her own stories.

Her profile loaded up at last and a small picture of a cartoon girl with red ringlets and bright blue eyes came up. It had to be her.

On favourite books it was confirmed when she said how she loved ‘Raining Season’ by himself. James looked down all her interests, chuckling at some comments that she’d made. He scrolled down and found that she’d left an email.

So, she was trusting. Not many people would leave their email on a public site unless they didn’t mind who emailed them.

He started a new message to her email and wrote a few short paragraphs to her. For some reason, he wanted to talk to her and keep in contact.

That was the first email of countless ones he sent and received. It wasn’t long before he had grown so attached to her he wanted to meet her again. 

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