Love Between Death

Claire Snow was always the quiet one. The brave but confident one. When the world goes quiet the only people she has left with her are Jessica Paday and Leon Kennedy. Strange things are going on starting with her family. But when something happens at school on her last day as a senior, they are on a search for answers. But then Claire and Leon they've always been friends but is their relationship leading to something more?
Almost supernautural things are occuring and they have to stop it before it spreads through the whole world.
Before they have no place to call home.


2. The Discovery

         Once Claire read that letter she put it back on the table and backed away. Why would her mother just leave her there?First off she never left any notes just texts and second she never left the house. As she backed up she felt something solid against her back her quick reflexes turned the man's arm to a 180 degree angle. "Ahhh! Claire it's just me." Leon had said. "I'm sorry....Do you know what's going on here?" "No."

     He walked to the note that was left on the table and read it. Claire was rubbing her arms up and down she was scared. After Leon was done reading the note she turned to Claire and saw her doing that. 'Claire...."      He embraced her and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his buff arms around her small waist. Clarie was never the type to break down and cry but then and there she had to be strong although she didn't know if this was true or not. But she knew that she would soon figure out.

"It's gonna be alright Claire I promise you. I'm gonna be here for you....Alright" That's when he looked at her and she did the same, she was kind of teary eyed and she looked back to the door when she heard a knock at the door of course that would only be one person besides Leon (of course).     "Claire what the hell is going on?' Claire quickly wiped away her tears and said: "I don't know but I'm gonna figure that out.' "My mom left a note for me to stay here I brought everything I need." Then Leon made Claire finally realize something. "Claire"She turned around to face him and he continued:

"Where's your brother?"                 He was right. Where was Mason?                                                                                                }~C~{          That night everything was silent in the house. No one talked to one another each of them we're in their seperate rooms.Claire was pacing back and forth in the liviing room by the window. She was biting her nails thinking about her mother. She never knew her dad, when she was born her dad wasn't even there. He acutally knew about her but now she's 18 and that's actually what made her stronger. Her brother was the man of the house and now Mason is out of the house and in college. So she made the decision to call her brother. She dialed his number and waited for a miracle. A couple of seconds later it went to voicemail she just wanted to hear his voice so she listened to it but it was different this time. It had said     This is Mason Snow if your calling me and i missed it call my sister Claire her number is 8178085253.If this is Claire don't worry I know what's happening, you'll just have to find me. I'm sorry Claire and Mom.        Claire lowered her phone and dropped it. Everything she did have close to a family was gone all that was left was Leon and Jessica. But the thing is, she was already alone and this just felt even worse. 

     Leon walked into the room sat on the window sill and stared out the window. Claire sat on the arm of a chair and Leon began saying. 'Claire I know you feel lonely right now but remember." He turned to look at her and continued. "I'm always here for you. And I always have been."          Nothing romantic ever occured between the two but that one hug they had shared a few hours ago was something else. Usually it would just be a one arm hug but this one was way different. It was long comforting and it wasn't reassuring. And whenever they looked at each other there was a certain connection and words that we're said by just looking in one another's eyes. It seemed as if time had slowed down and all there was, we're each other's warmth and Claire's sadness.

"I know that Leon. It;s just that, the thought of my mom and brother being in trouble or lost or even dead. It scares me, and you and Jessica are the only thing I have left of anything close to a family....Thank you Leon."

     All he did was smile and look at her. They stared at each other for a while and Leon got off of the window sill and walked up to Claire. "Hey Claire....''           He put his hand on her cheek and began to lean in but the moment was ruin before it was even something rememberable because it all happened so quickly. Jessica came running in and said to them not even noticing the position they we're in. "Come see this."

                 They went over to where she was and quickly followed her. They all went into the backyard and there was a strong wind the sky looked scary and even though it was hot today there was a cold wind that blew past them. They had no idea what was going on, the world seemed dead. It looked empty outside, and it was only evening. ''Alright look, we'll go to school tomorrow it's are last day we'll past through graduation and go straight home. Jessica and Leon your gonna bring everything we need." She looked at Leon and telling him what they really need. All he did was nod. "Then you'll stay here until I find more stuff out. Alright?" Both of them nodded and they waited for the next day to come along.


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