Stranger Callings

Four people meet when they all end up in an old hotel and they're all there for the same reason; the hotel has a supernatural history, myths have been told about it housing evil spirits and there have even been whisperings of the devil himself appearing. The group at first find nothing, but as strange things begin to happen and they sense an odd unease about the place, they start to realise their situation has become dangerous and it's too late to turn back...


7. Sophie

  I’d been bored for ages by the time Merlo and the other two boys had had enough. Finally they were ready to leave that ugly, dingy bar so we could go back to our own rooms. I was tired, but I wasn’t looking forward to getting into the creaky bed that waited for me in our room. It looks uncomfortable and cold. As we walked up the stairs with the boys, I felt a sort of tension being released. I knew we’d all felt uncomfortable in that room. I hadn’t spent a lot of time listening to my company’s conversation, so I had spent the time inspecting the other guests. They were a creepy bunch. Quiet, dark, hollow looking. I bet they are all very dull people. I must admit, they scared me. I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I almost felt like the other quests were watching us. Listening to us.

  When we finally got to our floor and parted with the boys, Merlo was a bit touchy with me. I know I had embarrassed her, I was being very moody, but I just didn’t want to be here. I haven’t felt safe once while we’ve been here. I just don’t like it.

  We got back to the room and pretty much got ready for bed straight away. A few words were exchanged, but we were both tired and fed up, sleep was what we needed. However now I wish we’d stayed up a bit longer. During the night I slept deeply, but my sleep was plagued with nightmares. Nightmares that shook me so badly, I could’ve sworn they were real. At first it was like a normal dream, I was back in that bar with Merlo and the other two. We were ordering drinks when suddenly the old bar man changed. He mutated grotesquely. His eyes became blank, he grew to an unnatural height, his limbs thinned and his teeth became jagged fangs. I tried to scream but my voice was jammed in my throat, I tried to run but my limbs were stuck together. The monster man approached me; tears of pure terror ran down my face. It raised an unnaturally long arm. I still couldn’t run. The arm came down. I anticipated the blow. Nothing came.

  I opened my eye, there was only darkness. For a minute I thought I was awake. Lying in my bed, but then I realised I was stood up. For a dream, this felt very real. I looked around; I was in the hotel foyer. I was alone, again I couldn’t move. I closed my eyes, trying to wake up for real. Then my nose was filled with a strong, foul smell; I started to retch violently. Blood. That’s what I could smell. When I finally opened my watering eyes and tried to scream. The sight that had suddenly appeared chilled me to the bone, I felt so unsafe and so terrified. I stood screaming silently for ages. Bodies littered the floor. Blood dripped from the walls. Guts and limbs filled every corner of the room. It looked like a bomb had gone off. The victims had been ripped to shreds. Their faces now unrecognizable. Suddenly I felt eyes on me. Millions of eyes. Shadows crept around me. I willed myself to wake up. A blood curdling scream filled my ears.

  I was propelled out of my bed like I had been shot out of a canon. I curled up on the floor at the foot of my bed. I felt Merlo’s arm pull me up off the floor. ‘Sophie! SOPHIE!’ She yelled onto my ear.

  ‘What, what?’ I said, still dazed and shaken from my nightmare.

  ‘You screamed,’ she said plainly, but I could see concern in her eyes.

  ‘S-sorry, I-I had a nightmare. A bad one.’ I crawled back onto my bed, I didn’t want to sleep again, and I just wanted to sit down.

  ‘Are you okay now? Can I go back to sleep?’ I smiled over at Merlo.

  ‘Sure, sorry for waking you.’ As she fell back asleep, I just sat and stared into space. It had been just a nightmare, but it stuck with me. And for some reason, I knew it was more than a nightmare. It had been too real. And I think being in this hotel had something to do with it.


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