Stranger Callings

Four people meet when they all end up in an old hotel and they're all there for the same reason; the hotel has a supernatural history, myths have been told about it housing evil spirits and there have even been whisperings of the devil himself appearing. The group at first find nothing, but as strange things begin to happen and they sense an odd unease about the place, they start to realise their situation has become dangerous and it's too late to turn back...


1. Sophie

  I sat on the wall, my camera in my hand. A raven swooped down from the trees and landed on the car in front of me. I idly lifted my camera and snapped a quick picture. The front door opned behind me and my best friend, Merlow, bustled out. 'Thanks for helping me with these cases.' She said sarcastically.

  'Well, I'm sorry.' I replied. 'It's not me who's bringing three bags of clothes.'

  'Hey, I need the choice!' I rolled my eyes at her. She ignored me and spun towards the car. Her dirty blonde hair shone in the sun as she strode towards the boot. As it swung open the raven fluttered awayed. I watched as the rest of her bags got shoved into the remaining space in the boot. She swiftly slammed the boot shut and walked over to her car door.

  'I know you don't want to come, but I don't care. Your coming. Now get in the car, I want to be their before 5.' I sighed. Slowly, I made my way to my side of the car and slide in. She squinted her eyes at me and climbed in too. We shut our doors together and she started the engine. 'I really don;t know why your being so moody, we getting a week away from our parents, we get to chill with out having to worry about anything.'

  'Ooh yay, spending a week in a foul, old hotel while you run around on your silly ghost hunt, Fun!' I rolled my eyes again.

   'This is not a 'silly ghost hunt'. Its a serious research so I can write my paper on the supernatural side to the hotel. Just because you don't believe in the supernatural doesn't mean it doesn't exsist.'

  'Okay, but don't expect me to have fun, thats all I'm saying.' I shoved my head phones over my head and turned my Ipod on and up. I felt her eyes burn into me for a second, before she relaxed her stare and steered the car out of the drive and onto the main road. I knew I wasn't going to enjoy this 'holiday', but I might as well try.


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